Today, Stability AI , the world’s leading open-source generative AI company, announced its release of Stable Diffusion XL (SDXL), the latest image generation model built for enterprise clients that excel at photorealism.  

SDXL is the latest addition to the Stable Diffusion suite of models offered through Stability’s APIs catered to enterprise developers. SDXL produces more detailed imagery and composition than its predecessor Stable Diffusion 2.1 and represents an important step forward in the lineage of Stability’s image generation models. 

“We are excited to announce the latest iteration in our Stable Diffusion series of image solutions. SDXL brings a richness to image generation that is transformative across several industries, including graphic design and architecture, with results taking place in front of our eyes.” - Tom Mason, Stability AI Chief Technology Officer. 

Highlights of SDXL’s capabilities include:

  • Next-level photorealism capabilities
  • Enhanced image composition and face generation
  • Rich visuals and jaw-dropping aesthetics
  • Use of shorter prompts to create descriptive imagery
  • Greater capability to produce legible text

SDXL also has functionality that extends beyond just text-to-image prompting, including image-to-image prompting (inputting one image to get variations of that image), inpainting (reconstructing missing parts of an image) and outpainting (constructing a seamless extension of an existing image). 

SDXL powers the most recent version of Stability AI’s premium consumer imaging application DreamStudio, as well as popular third-party apps like NightCafe Studio. Response from beta testers has been very positive, with incredible imagery being posted online and in community forums.

Stable Diffusion XL Beta Available for API Customers and DreamStudio Users

The release of SDXL’s API will be followed by an open-source release of SDXL (currently in beta testing) which, like all of Stability AI’s open-source models, is optimized to be accessible to as many users as possible. This is the power of open source: tapping into the vast potential of millions of talented individuals who don’t have the resources to train a state-of-the-art model, but who have the ability to do something incredible with one.

To test out Stable Diffusion XL in DreamStudio visit:

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